Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Temporary Tattoo Sheet

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26 waterproof temporary tattoos on a 9” by 11” sheet

1. Clean and dry your skin completely with rubbing alcohol

2. Cut out the design of your choice. For best results, cut as precisely as possible

3. Remove your temporary tattoo from the film and place it face down on your skin. It’s best to place it in an area on your body that doesn’t bend or stretch much

4. Soak the temporary tattoo completely with a wet cloth or paper towel (the more water you use the better)

5. Press it firmly against your skin and avoid creating air bubbles. Don’t forget the edges!  let is sit for at least 30 seconds

6. Slowly peel the corner of the temporary tattoo gently to check if it has transferred, if it hasn’t, press down and wet again CAREFUL NOT SLIDE IT this will distort the image 

7. Dry the area and apply makeup finishing powder to set your temporary tattoo and reduce shine, dust and seal it with hairspray, vaseline, or a thin layer of moisturizer

It can last for several days if transferred carefully!

1. Rubbing moisturizer or oil will remove your temporary tattoo

2. Scrub the excess pigment off in the shower with a loofa 

Warning: keep reach out of children, may not be suitable for highly sensitive skin types